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Granite or Marble: What Should Be Your Kitchen Counter Top Material?

Summary: This is a comparative discussion to figure out why granite is preferred over marble when it comes to selecting material for kitchen countertops.

After getting married and shifting to the new house, all a newly-wed couple get bothered about is how well they can impart life to their new house by decorating and furnishing it in the best possible way. The entire process requires diligence and of course some amount of aesthetic sense. It is strange to channelize all your creative impulse towards the kitchen. Still, it is not even a huge waste if you do it, because you are required to spend quite a long time inside your kitchen.

If you are tearing your brain off thinking where to start the process from, focus on the kitchen countertops in Montreal. Provided the countertops are well chosen, half the battle is won. After a few improvements here and there, the complete set up starts looking like the dream kitchen you have often wished to have while watching a coffee session in your favorite television drama. The kitchen counter top is the place on which many ideas get brewed over a few cups of coffees. So, the place deserves to be quite clean and ready to welcome a couple of guests at any time of the day. After all any time is tea time. It is the beautiful granite kitchen counters in Montreal that are best suited for any kitchen. Wait a second. Is it the marble counter tops in Montreal that can elevate the elegance level of your kitchen? You should spend some time pondering over both the options before deciding to install one of them.As they say in French, comptoirs de cuisine in Montreal, kitchen counters are the places where you place all the food elements in decorative bowls and beautiful utensils. Kitchen countertops in Montreal that are really beautiful do not need any added decoration other than well-cooked delicacies neatly poured in beautiful bowls placed on the same.

When it comes to selecting the right material for your comptoirs de cuisine in Montreal, you should take suggestions from experts. Be it the architects, interior designers or the experienced people who have been taking good care of their kitchen countertops in Montreal for a long time now. Specially the votes of people experienced in taking good care of their kitchens, go to granite kitchen counters in Montreal. According to them, granite is a tad more permeable compared to marble. That is why, it becomes way too easier cleaning them with a dry piece of cloth or disinfectant. Moreover, marble is also not chosen for kitchens quite often, because it is not scratch-proof. The comptoirs de cuisine in Montreal need to withstand loads of hard banging, scratching with sharp ends of utensils, etc. Marble looks beautiful when used for general floorings, in the bathroom, for bathroom cabinets, etc. However, marble counter tops in Montreal are strict ‘no’ for that will eventually get worn out. Apart from that the granite countertops go well with cuisine in granit compteurs Montreal too. ‘Granit compteurs’ are the special timers used for keeping the track of cooking time for different cuisines. These days, the stone counter tops in Montreal and quartz counter tops in Montreal are also becoming very popular.