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Bella-Pietra manufactures all that could be imagined in natural stone; granite, onyx, marble & quartz. Our expertise is creating and installing Kitchen counters, vanities, walls, floors and custom-made furniture. 

Granite is a natural stone, elegant and durable; it adds beauty and luxury to any room. Its unique patterns and distinct colors give character to each slab. We count with several slabs exposed for your better choice of color and texture in our impressive showrooms. Marble is the elegant and timeless stone. Its unique and pronounced veining adds to richness and splendor to any space. At Bella-Pietra you will find a large selection of natural colors from every corner of the world.

Quartz, it`s a man-made durable, resistant and beautiful surface that combines the innate strength of quartz with numerous polymers and dashes of pigments. At Bella-Pietra quartz is offered in a wide variety of colors, finishes and top quality brands that provides your creation with endless possibilities